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psyvariar complete.


sorry for the lack of anything.
school sucks.
i finally got my hands on a copy of psyvariar complete, which ive wanted to play for a considerably long time, pretty much ever since i played psyvariar 2. i never really see/hear and mention of psyvariar one, but regardless, i have it now. its ridiculously more simple and considerably easier than psyvariar 2, and displays some different sorts of mechanics that are more present in games like mars matrix. buzzing is way, way easier, no longer requiring you to spin the joystick to keep it up. as you buzz and kill enemies, your ship levels up and fills out, much like the leveling up in mars matrix. i believe there were six levels, though at the moment i cannot recall. you basically traverse from the easy section to the hard section, but the start-over-when-you-die continue system is not in effect, so this takes considerably less time. the bullet patterns are at times menacing, but not anywhere near 2.

basically, its like if psyvariar 2 wasnt the insanely hard game it is.
still a pretty fun game for a while, moderate graphics, worth picking up if you find a copy.

posted by javihyev
12:18 PM