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todays feature is a fangame based on one of my favorite arcade shooters of all time, e.s.p. ra de. this game, called iloli, is a one level boss stage game, featuring the female character from e.s.p. ra de, against the final boss of the game. most of the gameplay mechanics have been eliminated, including secondary projectiles, and charge shot. mostly, you move your character and dodge bulleds, while firing a constant stream at the boss. its very simple, and is mostly cool because of its theme. the graphics are very similar to the origional gameboy, or rather the original wonderswan. still a nice solid game, and with four levels of difficulty, you can easily kill a few minutes. download here.

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anyone familiar with shmups should know what gradius is. or parodius, or darius. or even salamander. there are also a countless number of spinoffs, clones, and games that straight steal the mechanics from these games. gradius is one of the more notable sidescrolling shooters of all time, with its customization of powerups and easy playability, yet massive difficulty. this game is called monadius, and brings some visual flair to the familiar setup. the graphics are practically wiredframe, but with sketchy outlines, making all of the ships and powerups wiggle a little in their places. the lines are constantly moving, giving it an unpolished look, similar to shows like dr katz proffessional therapist, or ed, edd, and eddy. see the screenshots for a better explanation. the controls are very resposive and are displayed as soon as you start the game, but there is no in game music. it runs in a window, so you can play your own music if you so desire. a very nice very well done game. download here.

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okay. how bout a real post.
this game is called exelinya.
those of you familiar with dreamcast shooters may know of one of the more recent releases, trigger heart excellica. a very nice shiny game with a relatively new mechanic, the ability to grab enemies and slam them into others or use them as a sheild. exelinya allows you to use this mechanic as a primary weapon. you have a claw and chain that you control with the arrow keys and the shift button. you use this to grab enemies and throw them or use them as sheilds. the graphics of the game are very goofy and cartoony, as you are fighting enemies like eggplants, bread, and giant milk cartons. one of the special weapons you can grab is a giant xbox system.

this is a fun simple game that everyone can enjoy.
here are some screenshots. you can download the game here.

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what is this about.


i thought i should start a blog about something legal. like, not downloads in particular.
so i thought, rather than write about anime like everyone else, i would make one about somehting i am even more passionate about.

and that my friends, is shmups.

i play a lot of shmups, and at this time i have played 300+ different ones.
i'm constantly scouring the internet looking for new ones, different ones, and the best ones.

so ive come to share with you every manner of bullet filled, pixelated, adrenaline centered, enemy destroying shmups i can find. ill try to stick with the good ones, as well as ones that are just interesting.

i may actually be able to keep this blog up, as i have plenty of material to start with.

so all three of you who find my blog, please bear with me as i try my best to share with you the wild world of stg games.

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welcome to the future.

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