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pacifists are boring.


this guy.
yeah sorry for massive lack, but its summer and maybe i can do some more.

anyhoo, karous.
one of the more recent additions to the dremcast, if not the latest, though i cannot recall. i used to not like this game at all, because i was comparing it to its predecessor from milestone, radirigy(radiligy), but after playing it some more it has gotten more enjoyable. one of the most interesting aspects is how genuinely complex the game is, allowing you to level up several aspects of your ship manually. Amongst the things you can upgrade are obviously your sword, shield, and gun. there are actually two aspects of you gun you can level up i believe, the center shot and the widde shot. so after playing for a while and experimenting with leveling up, i decided to go the sheild route completely. when leveling the shield only and not using any other weapons, except the sword to modify powerups to become shield ups, and the bombs to gain extra experience, the game gets really boring. you cant actually hardly kill the bosses, since youre not so much attacking them as absorbing their shots, until you get to level 50 and your sheild fires some projectiles, and you basically sit back at a position that wonkt get you hit from the sides or back. interesting for a while, though quite boring until level five or so when the boss makes an effort to ht you from the back, and not nearly as satisfying as killing things. i should try the sword next, though its a bit riskier since you have to get right up next to the enemies. not a half bad game, just not as wonderfully colorful as radirigy, which is a sort of prequel almost, because of the systems of the game and even the interface.

also, i get to play it on my wonderful 20" flatscreen monitor with my dreamcast vga box.

posted by javihyev
7:40 PM