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radiant silvergun again.


after my last post about this, i thought, hey.
i should actually play through this game. it seems to be kind of important. so. here are my thoughts on this game.

this game is...pretty good. its by no means the greatest game ever, not even the greatest shooter ever. its just okay.
first off, its extremely complicated. dont listen to people who tell you otherwise. this is not really a pick up and play shooter at all. you have to play this game a lot, and if you want your weapons to be good, you actually have to play all the way through the game several times. but its mostly complicated because they give you seven weapons at once, and you have to choose which is best for the situation at hand. i ended up using the forward shot and sword almost exclusively. the others only came in handy every once and a while.
next, the bosses take way, way too long to kill. luckily, if you take too long, they self destruct. but this ends up making you feel retarded. now. this issue is completely nullified by the last boss, which kicks insurmountable ass.
the only other real complaint i have, is that i wish that it had all been polygon based instead of some sprite and some polygon. that sort of uniformity would have really helped the game. also, the graphics were a little too generic for a treasure game i thought. again, this was reconciled by the last boss.
it looks pretty good, and plays solidly, even if it is really complicated.
anyway. a solid game, just not nearly worth the money it costs to buy it.

posted by javihyev
4:34 PM


vasara 2.


been playing a lot of this lately. basically samurai aces(sengoku blade?) a samurai/old japan themed shooter featuring retro machines. this game includes bot projectile and melee attacks, and instead of contact damage, when you hit an enemy, you bounce off them. a pretty cool game. not as awesome as guwange of course. runs in mame. also, vasara one is pretty cool.

posted by javihyev
9:46 PM



ive tried every saturn emulator known to man, mostly just to play this game. for those that dont know, this is one of the more coveted treasure games, and one of the crazy expensive shooters, along with games like border down and pretty much every cave game ever. anyway, good emulation of this game is very hard to find. so, after much redownloading of the same iso and various different extremely confusing and not well built emulators, i have finally found one that works. the mame version, runnign through mame32 works pretty awesomely well. still considerable lag through the whole game, but nothing like the saturn versions. im not sure if there are any requirement roms, but it works pretty well. if youre as anxious to play as me, and dont want to shell out $250+ for the game and $60+ for the system, this is your best bet.

posted by javihyev
7:09 PM


cho cho ani ki.


so lets talk about some shmups. first, cho aniki. i get a lot of flak for liking this game. i like it fro a completely different reason that one may assume. first off, for those who are unfamiliar with the game, its literally gay. its one of the few games made with a specific sexual orientation in mind. the title means super big brother. its a shooting game that features big huge muscly gay dudes. you fly around shooting fairly gay themed enemies, often comprised of two guys intertwined in some way. NOW. that being said, all of these games are ridiculously creative. no matter how gay, they still are able to have some incredible creativity in the character design and art. the playstation/saturn one actually had enemies whose sprites were modified photos. it was a little choppy, but still a really weird and awesome game. the gameplay of these games is actually geared to be bad, making them extremely challenging. there are also some extremely weird gamplay aspects that some of the earlier games use, including a combo move sytem for special attacks, that you must perform while dodging enemy fire. these games are hilarious, and actually well done, even though they may look or feel badly made. there are six cho aniki games, crossing 5 platforms. the playstation 2 version is full 3d, but i feel like it misses some of the insanity that the sprite based ones have. i recommend you try the playstation version, and the first or second pc engine versions. while i do know where the iso's are, id rather not post them here. but still awesome. let me know if you want to know where.

posted by javihyev
5:27 AM




a slightly abstract shooter that disguises some pretty solid bullet dodging action, reminiscent of such titles as psyvariar and tohou shooters. this game features an onion main character that flies around and dodges bullets from floating heads and strange robot men. surprisingly good. uses a powerup system that could be considered a variation of the gradius system. download here.

posted by javihyev
6:50 PM


its time once agian.


to change the general subject of my blog.
i could feature a bunch of crap games, but where would be the fun in that.
so what im going to do, in addition to posting occasional downloads of stuff, free or slightly less free, im going to actually talk about shooters. arcade and console alike.
i read about them all day, and i think this would be the best outlet for me to share som insights, secret news, and overall awesomeness that is discover.
so the downloads arent gone forever, theyll just come less often.
i realize that theres not many people reading this, but i want to try and keep doing this blog because i gives me something to do.

im going to start talking about shooters, even if i dont post them for download.
game design, playability, hidden awesomeness.

stay tuned.
and please let me know what you think.
about anything.

posted by javihyev
8:35 AM


darius gaiden.

one of my favorite taito shooters. darius features giant robot sea creature enemies. slight graphical errors but totally worth it. runs on raine. download here.

posted by javihyev
8:21 AM


chuka taisen

this is a fun little shooter with very chinese style sprites. you fly aaround on a cloud and fight enemies such as bowls of noodles and birdmen. runs on raine. download here.

posted by javihyev
8:17 AM



gekiridan is another good oldschool shooter that combines levels from different genres under the guise of time travel. a good solid game with pretty cool mech design. very cave esque. runs on raine.
download here.

posted by javihyev
7:37 AM


gunlock, layer section, rayforce


first, a shooter which i prefer to call layer section. but it has several other names. this shooter by taito has one real defining feature, and is one of the originators of layer based fire, allowing you to lock on and attack ground enemies with a laser-type weapon. this game runs well with only a few graphical glitches. this game runs in raine. download here.

posted by javihyev
5:59 PM


arcades are sort of free.

so ive given up on just freeware shooter. while there are a lot, a lot of them arent worth mentioning or have already been reviewed to hell. so now, im going to be talking about some arcade shooters that are played through an emulator. i will only talk about games that are technically abandonware, meaning pre-2000. most of the games i will talk about from here on will run on one of two emulators: raine and final burn alpha. neither need bios, and both have folders designated for where the game roms should be placed. these emulators are both unzip and run types of programs.

most likely, after i talk about arcade shooters, i may end up throwing in console shooter reviews, but without downloads. i will still continue to do freeware downloads, but just not as often.

posted by javihyev
5:46 PM




one of the more interesting boss arena shooting games, this game has you fighting a tree shaped boss, that firest different projectiles from each different piece of the tree. the graphics are very well done, with a transparent glassy look. download here.

posted by javihyev
7:19 PM


fck space.

vulgar name aside, this is an interesting game. it takes the pixelated look to a whole new level, with massive pixels making blocky enemies. this game is surprisingly difficult at times, but has very smooth gameplay. another game by cactus. download here.

posted by javihyev
7:17 PM