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radiant silvergun again.


after my last post about this, i thought, hey.
i should actually play through this game. it seems to be kind of important. so. here are my thoughts on this game.

this game is...pretty good. its by no means the greatest game ever, not even the greatest shooter ever. its just okay.
first off, its extremely complicated. dont listen to people who tell you otherwise. this is not really a pick up and play shooter at all. you have to play this game a lot, and if you want your weapons to be good, you actually have to play all the way through the game several times. but its mostly complicated because they give you seven weapons at once, and you have to choose which is best for the situation at hand. i ended up using the forward shot and sword almost exclusively. the others only came in handy every once and a while.
next, the bosses take way, way too long to kill. luckily, if you take too long, they self destruct. but this ends up making you feel retarded. now. this issue is completely nullified by the last boss, which kicks insurmountable ass.
the only other real complaint i have, is that i wish that it had all been polygon based instead of some sprite and some polygon. that sort of uniformity would have really helped the game. also, the graphics were a little too generic for a treasure game i thought. again, this was reconciled by the last boss.
it looks pretty good, and plays solidly, even if it is really complicated.
anyway. a solid game, just not nearly worth the money it costs to buy it.

posted by javihyev
4:34 PM


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