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cho cho ani ki.


so lets talk about some shmups. first, cho aniki. i get a lot of flak for liking this game. i like it fro a completely different reason that one may assume. first off, for those who are unfamiliar with the game, its literally gay. its one of the few games made with a specific sexual orientation in mind. the title means super big brother. its a shooting game that features big huge muscly gay dudes. you fly around shooting fairly gay themed enemies, often comprised of two guys intertwined in some way. NOW. that being said, all of these games are ridiculously creative. no matter how gay, they still are able to have some incredible creativity in the character design and art. the playstation/saturn one actually had enemies whose sprites were modified photos. it was a little choppy, but still a really weird and awesome game. the gameplay of these games is actually geared to be bad, making them extremely challenging. there are also some extremely weird gamplay aspects that some of the earlier games use, including a combo move sytem for special attacks, that you must perform while dodging enemy fire. these games are hilarious, and actually well done, even though they may look or feel badly made. there are six cho aniki games, crossing 5 platforms. the playstation 2 version is full 3d, but i feel like it misses some of the insanity that the sprite based ones have. i recommend you try the playstation version, and the first or second pc engine versions. while i do know where the iso's are, id rather not post them here. but still awesome. let me know if you want to know where.

posted by javihyev
5:27 AM


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