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Dead End Run.


Dead End Run is a movie about running away. No matter how you try to run away, you will always end up experiencing a bizarre and possibly ironic event. There are three stories in this movie. The first is a man running away from a killer after he is involved in a fight. He accidentally kills a random girl who was walking by, thinking that she was the killer. Before he has a chance to decide what to do, she comes alive, and initiates a musical number about how they were destined to meet and that she loves him. She is still, however, dead. The second story is about a Yakuza that is being chased by a hitman, who when confronted looks exactly the same as the Yakuza. The third is about a suspected criminal being chased, who takes a hostage on a rooftop that turns out to be suicidal. He then tries to convince her not to do it, even though he was considering that as his way out of the situation.
This movie was directed by Sogo Ishii, and is shot very similarly to another of his movies, Electric Dragon 80,000 volts. There is a lot of running shots, utilizing many camera angles and techniques, including a very fast close to the ground shot that came up several times in Electric Dragon. There are actually very many cyberpunk elements in this movie, despite it being almost more of a drama or thriller. This movie is much more of a mind-game movie rather than cyberpunk action, though it does have a lot of very similar scenery. The last story arc has a twist that I was not expecting, which is becoming a rarer and rarer thing for me. One of the best things about the strange events is that the movie makes no effort to explain them, leaving them up to imagination. An interesting and well done movie.

7 out of 10.

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9:14 AM




welcome to cinema sublevel, reviewing movies you've probably never heard of. there wont be any brand new big budget hollywood movies reviewed here, because thats not what this is for. here you'll learn about obscure and amazing cinema that you can then amaze your friends with knowledge of. feel free to comment on the reviews with your own thoughts. i watch about 8 movies a week, so i should get at least one worth mentioning. i also have several movies i've seen recently to talk about.
so sit, stay, and learn about cinema you'll probably never find otherwise.

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11:59 AM


n-n-n-night raid.


i LOVE this game. those with knowledge of shmups no doubt have heard utterings of mars matrix. mars matrix is really really hard. there are bullets everywhere. i have a story about mars matrix but that can wait until the end of this review.
night raid is made by the same company as mars matrix, takumi. takumi also made giga wing. night raid is very similar to mars matrix, and has the same sort of scoring mechanic, bullets are everywhere, and would have the same hardness as mars matrix, except for one thing. night raid bullets move three times as fast. these bullets move extremely fast, where as mars matrix mostly moved at a normal speed. this makes night raid considerably harder. that being said, the game has a mechanic that helps you cope with this, much like the bullet grabbing mechanic in mars matrix. you can attatch to an enemy and smash into them, and any bullets you hit turn into the equivilent of medals. if there are multiple enemies around, your ship will combo off of them, chaining smashes together. this is in addition to the conventional clearscreen bombs.
the graphics are well done, and use a battleship sort of theme, allowing them to still look interesting even though they are very simplistic polygon models. there are also some sprite based graphics, mostly the main ship.
the soundtrack for this game is straight metal. awesome.
this is one of the best psx shooters that noone knows about. a great great shooter.
final note. its really effing hard.

oh yeah.
the mars matrix story.
so i have this friend,
who shall remain nameless.
his brother, has aparrently beat the last level of mars matrix without dying. also aparently, in the playthrough video, the computer player dies twice. now, this is all well and good and im happy for the guy. BUT.
anytime i accidentally mention mars matrix, i have to hear this story. every time. its almost like....my friend forgets that hes told us this. so i have to hear it every time. im not even kidding.

the computer dies twice.

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8:29 AM




beat it in seven credits.
beat the first three in one credit, and lost like four on the last level. that last boss gets me every time.
damn mutant baby/little girl with spirit/spirit with meteors.

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9:22 AM


d-d-d-dangun FEVERON.


i do not like this game.
its not a terrible game, i just dont like it.
this is my least favorite cave game.
i find this game just makes me not want to play it.
first off. the graphics. this game is slightly severely lacking in style. its got very generic sprites, somilar to donpachi but not nearly as well designed. also, theres some sort of dancing that isnt used that often. i would have liked it better if they used it in the game more. the ships arent intereresting, and the levels are all generic space levels.
one thing that just bothers me is the second charge shot, the spinning missle. its slow, limited, and doesnt even really do any damage.
the other thing that really bothers me is the scoring. it seems awfully low.
theres not much gratification from getting 80 points if you kill an enemy. plus if you lose a credit, you lose everything. oyur score from the last level, all the people you collected, but not only that, it reminds you that you suck, by displaying it for you.
maybe itsjust me, but this seems like a half hearted shooter effort. thank god cave has more than made up for it with their other games.

again. this is just my opinion.
if you like this game, thats fine. i just dont think its really that good of a shooter.

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1:19 PM


8 credits.


i beat guwange in eight credits.
im so happy. maybe ill write up something about the game. but i wouldnt do it justice.
so heres a picture instead.

i can easily say that this is my favorite shooting game.

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10:28 PM