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d-d-d-dangun FEVERON.


i do not like this game.
its not a terrible game, i just dont like it.
this is my least favorite cave game.
i find this game just makes me not want to play it.
first off. the graphics. this game is slightly severely lacking in style. its got very generic sprites, somilar to donpachi but not nearly as well designed. also, theres some sort of dancing that isnt used that often. i would have liked it better if they used it in the game more. the ships arent intereresting, and the levels are all generic space levels.
one thing that just bothers me is the second charge shot, the spinning missle. its slow, limited, and doesnt even really do any damage.
the other thing that really bothers me is the scoring. it seems awfully low.
theres not much gratification from getting 80 points if you kill an enemy. plus if you lose a credit, you lose everything. oyur score from the last level, all the people you collected, but not only that, it reminds you that you suck, by displaying it for you.
maybe itsjust me, but this seems like a half hearted shooter effort. thank god cave has more than made up for it with their other games.

again. this is just my opinion.
if you like this game, thats fine. i just dont think its really that good of a shooter.

posted by javihyev
1:19 PM


Anonymous DirtyMonk said...

I have no idea how you played it, but I think Dangun is one of the most intense shooters I've played. I mean intense as in ADD-induced, frenzified, OCD-item-collecting kind of intense. That, while feeling the adrenaline from squeezing in between whizzing patterns of bullets, which are fast.

The only way I can get the most out of it is by concentrating on collecting those disco men and not allowing them to fall to the bottom of the screen--all while destroying everything as fast I can once it appears onto the screen (since doing so applies a bonus). Losing a disco man is probably worse than death, because the counter resets once that happens and all of my previous efforts are then nullified by it. This, combined with how fast I choose my ship to be, makes Dangun one of the craziest games I've ever played because it makes me feel hyper as though I were on cocaine.

Dangun isn't for everyone of course. I admit it's not my favorite--the style is too wacky for me to fully embrace, and it is certainly lacking something that makes most Cave shooters great (I think it's that strong sense of character and consistency of atmosphere). But hell, it's one crazy ass game which makes me feel like I've just lost my mind on the dance floor.

October 4, 2007 at 2:55 PM  
Anonymous javihyev said...

i just wish they had done something else with the dancing theme.
like all dancing characters.
enemy dancers.
huge monstrous dancer bosses.

but i guess then it might turn into parodius.

October 4, 2007 at 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Null Vista said...

This one is my 2nd fav. Cave shmup (next to Progear), namely because of the quirky, weird disco influence in the game's styling, as well as the amazing speed of everything.

And the fact that you can tune the ship is the best feature in a shmup ever.

December 1, 2007 at 12:16 PM  

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