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its time once agian.


to change the general subject of my blog.
i could feature a bunch of crap games, but where would be the fun in that.
so what im going to do, in addition to posting occasional downloads of stuff, free or slightly less free, im going to actually talk about shooters. arcade and console alike.
i read about them all day, and i think this would be the best outlet for me to share som insights, secret news, and overall awesomeness that is discover.
so the downloads arent gone forever, theyll just come less often.
i realize that theres not many people reading this, but i want to try and keep doing this blog because i gives me something to do.

im going to start talking about shooters, even if i dont post them for download.
game design, playability, hidden awesomeness.

stay tuned.
and please let me know what you think.
about anything.

posted by javihyev
8:35 AM


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