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arcades are sort of free.


so ive given up on just freeware shooter. while there are a lot, a lot of them arent worth mentioning or have already been reviewed to hell. so now, im going to be talking about some arcade shooters that are played through an emulator. i will only talk about games that are technically abandonware, meaning pre-2000. most of the games i will talk about from here on will run on one of two emulators: raine and final burn alpha. neither need bios, and both have folders designated for where the game roms should be placed. these emulators are both unzip and run types of programs.

most likely, after i talk about arcade shooters, i may end up throwing in console shooter reviews, but without downloads. i will still continue to do freeware downloads, but just not as often.

posted by javihyev
5:46 PM


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