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this is another pseudo shmup. this game is called miyako, and is similar to space invaders. you have a ship at the bottom that con move left and right, and super pixelated aliens hover above you. they do not shoot at you however. the boject of this game is to get the highest score possible. when you shoot an enemy, it drops a smiley face. if you shoot that smiley face, it multiplies. you can shoot it several times to make hundreds of smiley faces. when you pick up these smiley faces, your multiplier increases, as well as your points. the point value of the smiley faces skyrockets fairly fast. your score can go as high as hundred of thousands of trillions of points. a nice little gameto kill time and see how high you can get your score. download here.

posted by javihyev
7:12 PM


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