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a lot of these games have japanese names that i dont know. so i will often use the filename or foldername of the game. anyway, this game hsh, is a little different than most of the other shooters that ive found. instead of dodging enemy bullets, you dodge your own. you are in a small square room, and you shoot bullets that bounce off of the walls. if you dont shoot bullets for long enough, you will be forced to shoot a huge amount of super fast, really hard to dodge bullets, so you should keep shooting often. the bullets you shoot can survive one bounce, and after that they dissapear. this game gets difficult when there are a lot of bullets coming from a lot of different directions. simple, but difficult. the graphics are very pixelated and retro, and give it a nice feel. try to see how long you can last. download here.

posted by javihyev
9:24 PM


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