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anyone familiar with shmups should know what gradius is. or parodius, or darius. or even salamander. there are also a countless number of spinoffs, clones, and games that straight steal the mechanics from these games. gradius is one of the more notable sidescrolling shooters of all time, with its customization of powerups and easy playability, yet massive difficulty. this game is called monadius, and brings some visual flair to the familiar setup. the graphics are practically wiredframe, but with sketchy outlines, making all of the ships and powerups wiggle a little in their places. the lines are constantly moving, giving it an unpolished look, similar to shows like dr katz proffessional therapist, or ed, edd, and eddy. see the screenshots for a better explanation. the controls are very resposive and are displayed as soon as you start the game, but there is no in game music. it runs in a window, so you can play your own music if you so desire. a very nice very well done game. download here.

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posted by javihyev
3:47 PM


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