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hooray for games that used to be cool. baroque s a cheery post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler for saturn, ported to the playstation1, and recently remade for playstation2 in a less than enjoyable action game. the original was a first person i-can-see-my-sword sort of kings-field-in-hell dear-god-what-is-that-a-fish game. i really enjoyed it, possibly because of the similarities to smt, plus i'm crazy for cyberpunk. theres really not enough good cyberpunk content in the world. the playstation two remake felt like "square-action-games presents baroque" with less than inspiring combat, boring repetitive not-as-cool scenery, and awful, awful voice acting.
hardcore gaming has a good page on both baroques.

so today in my boredom i went around looking for baroque-y stuff on the internet, and there really is not very much at first glance. i'll keep on it and add t this list overtime, as i am doing with smt links.

baroque shooting game
really only the time trial version is available, and that mayactually be all that will ever be available short of tracking down what i'm sure is a very rare game. ive chacked the internet before and come up with nothing.

theres some other cool stuff on that page, including lame clocks, and this little desktop guy.

looking at videos now, it seems the wii version might not suck as much.
theres also the visual novel baroque syndrome, which is considerably easier. since you don't do anything. cool pitchurs tho.

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