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white butterfly.


soy eah im back. so one of the shmups ive played recently was by the author of the garden of colored lights, for which i personally did not care, but was alright. this game, white butterfly, sports a similar but less vibrant graphical style again coupled with the multiple weapon styles that gocl had, though some notably more influenced by other shmups, most notably to me however hard it is to use well is the beamsword from chaos field, which i also played the other day and never realized that the yellow ship was actually halfway useful. anyway. in a deceivingly simplistic and slightly really difficult shmup for some reason i honestly cannot discern though it could be the fluidity actually makes it too easy to run into bulleds or the somewhat ambiguous hitbox, this game does manage to have go replay value as you'll probably feel bad about how much you have to play the first level. its a very nice tight shmup, not particularly notable but a good addition to the growing library of shmups by nonasians.
i mean that in a nicer way than it probably came out.

posted by javihyev
7:24 AM


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