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cave seems to be having a bit of trouble these days making their arcade masterpieces more accessable in general, with apparently highly buggy versions of dai ou jou black extra and the upcoming ketsui port which i believe is still ds only which is total nonsense in my opinion but regardless i am happy to discover that mushihime sama is on its way to the 360, though thanks to microsofts hate for humankind, regionlock will hinder me from probably ever playing it. another hilarious not is that SNK is in the process of developing a shooting gae based on king of fighters characters, which sounds like a dojin game to me but hey whatever makes you happy. im sure characters i want in it will not be and the main characters that have always been the main characters will remain the main characters I LOVE YOU K999. also sorry for not posting ill try and make up for it.
i still have to hit up shootthecore and find some downloads for you three.

posted by javihyev
8:05 AM


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