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so apparently...


they're going to release sin and punishment 2. eight years after the original. regardless, this is totally awesome news. by far my favorite n64 game and one of my all time favorites ever, i am now really looking forward to this game. heres to hoping they don't mess it up.

for those of you who don't know, sin and punishment was a 3rd person ran and gun sort of game where you controlled one player who could move left and right and jump, but was automatically moving forward. at the same time, you had to utilize two shot types, lock on and free aim, as well as a sword that you used by tapping z rather than holding z to shoot. an awesome game, with really great design. the last boss fight lets you destroy composite earth. this game has been getting more coverage lately, as it was rerelease on the virtual console service for the wii. highly reccomend you get that if you don't have the real copy like i do.

interview with some artwork
found this link to a treasure fan page


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