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im still doing this i swear.


today i came across a beautiful little game.
this game is called usapi. you play a rabbit head that a rabbit tore off itself and hurled into the sky, capable of firing carrots either forward and backward or side to side, a bizarre and actually kind of original mechanic that i don't see often enough, making those pesky caution signs so much less frightening but still as difficult perspectively. you battle the denziens of your badly drawn town who fire what else: poop. yes poop throwing slimes, poop pooping cats, and even some poop vampires that say "die" in english. wonderfully crude, kind of really well done, sans graphicall, but consistantly badly drawn and giving the game an even more original feel. i reccomend it. the game seems to inifinitely loop, with difficult getting harder through the three levels. check it out.
download here. rename the exe to something in english if it gives you a fail to load message.

posted by javihyev
11:14 AM


Anonymous JSelf said...

Wow, this looks quirky...

I'll be sure to try it out!

February 16, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

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