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back into some of my shmuppy habits, i picked up mars matrix for the dreamcast the other day and found that it had some features that greatly changed how the game could be played, leading to some interesting conclusions on how i play shmups. the right trigger i believe auto pierces over and over, only factoring in pierce reload time. this technically should be stupid overpowered and make the game too easy, but the disjointed unaimable incredibly short ranged weapon really interrupts the flow of the game, as it is traditionally something i only use rarely or on accident, when the game forces me to as i begin streaming fire. there is also an autofire function, but autofire generally makes me sloppy and i error more often. also notable additions are gallery mode which i do not know how to unlock exactly past buying the function itself, the ability to buy more credits and lives, as well as level playthrough videosTHE COMPUTER DIES TWICE, invincibility mode, which would just make to game too easy though easier to get your gun higher than six, which is the highest ive ever managed to get it, and the addition of a second version of the game which i feel is kind of the rejected sprites version, or the we made dodonpatchi version. but takumi manages to pull it all off smoothly and ridiculous with the bullets still doing their best to make me crazy. someday maybe theyll make me a new shooter to hate and play over and over and over again. maybe.
also sorry for lack of posting. maybe more insightful things like this.

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