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ive decided where i think game developing should go. i think there should be a massive reversion of the entire industry. famicom should be reinstated. start all over with the process, so as to add the creativity we have now with the deprivation of currently conventional tools and systems so developers are forced to use a different system to build upon their creativity to create a great game within the constructs of 8bit. then as things progress, we can start moving further and further towards where we are now. then whamo. just like that movie i can't remember now. for a lack of remembering, we'll say g-gundam. we've forgotten where we came from, left the earth to ruin whilel we play in space. actually thats most gundam. just more progressive. regardless. its time we challenge developers to return to their roots. it just ocurred to me that this is sort of thing was sort of mentioned by itagaki(dead or alive, ninja gaiden), who i genuinely appreciate, for frankness and boob physics. regardless. i really think this is a valid plan for developers. set up a new nes hardware based system in a new case, make cheaper more creative games, build on from there. no it wont happen, but it sure would be interesting.

posted by javihyev
9:34 PM


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