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i very much enjoy realizing ingrown shenanigans in shooters that actually increase their depth. somehow i overlooked this interesting one in the game dimahoo, a fairly straight forward one with four characters including one with a giant comb sword for his pompadour and a group of necromancers that kind of suck. you fly around a fantasy world and make swiss cheese out of dragons and tanks and the like. the gimmick i discovered was that there is a charged shot with a motive. holding down shoot charges your shot, realeasing a special attack that transformes destroyed enemies into items. the items vary depending on the level of the charge, as the longer you hold it the higher the level. you can get all kinds of items, mostly weapons and armor, but also some joke items like a little cow and certain kinds of food. i didnt notice the unlocking of these items actually benefitting you in any way, but it adds another level of challenge to the game when you try and navigate bullets you dont have to for the sake of picking up the best items. when you finish it shows you all the items you picked up in your run, so you can brag about the items you got. its a simple gimmick that adds a good bit to the game. i good solid game too.
im going back through some of the shooters i used to play so expect more reviewy stuff like this i guess.

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