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I did not expect anything that happened in this movie. This is the third movie by the French techno-pop group Daft Punk. I had seen one of their earlier movies, Interstella 5555, which was an anime movie with super retro animation. This movie is absolutely nothing like Interstella in any way. That being said, this is a pretty awesome movie. There are several things i would change, but mostly there is about 30 minutes of nothing that could be removed. When stuff happens in this movie, it is always cool. This is a very artsy movie, relying mostly on imagery, as there is no dialog.
The story is fairly simple. Daft Punk visits a town where everyone wears daft punk helmets. They then go to a laboratory where they are given human faces molded from plastic goo, which are formed over their masks. As they walk through town, the villagers chase them, and all the children are afraid. Their masks begin to melt in the sun, signifying that they cannot change who they are. They tear off their masks and move on. A while later, Daft Punk Silver decides that he doesn't want to live anymore if he cannot be human, and has Daft Punk Gold arm a detonation switch on his back. This results in a really cool looking explosion. Daft Punk gold continues on until he realizes he doesn't want to live without Silver. Gold tries to arm his own detonation switch, but he cannot reach it. Finally, he takes off his mask, revealing a circuit board face. He slams the mask on the ground, breaking it into shards. He takes one of the glass shards, and holds it up to the sun, soon lighting him on fire. The final image of the movie is Gold walking away into the darkness on fire.
This movie has great imagery, and really the only think that could make it better would be if they cut out about 30 minutes of mostly walking and driving. A really good art film.
8/10 for actual content.

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