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tamala 2010 - a punk cat in space.


This movie started out slow and stayed slow. The animation was a little different than i was used to, a very vectory, no shading, Super Milk Chan esque style. This movie is about a cat, named Tamala. Thats basically the first 45 minutes. Then, about halfway through, the movie starts to get interesting. I faded in and out of this movie, so bear with me. Apparently, the cats and the dogs live in different sides of a futuristic city. A few of the gay dogs migrate over into cat space, and get assaulted. then the Tamala revolution begins, and everyone goes crazy. A zombie cat old man begins to explain this monstrous Tamala conspiracy, involving a giant robot. I sort of lost it there. then theres a huge sequence of flashing different random images. Then, at the end, Tamala sets our to Orion to kill the giant robot.
Its not so much that this movie was confusing. It was just that i wasnt paying enough attention to it. Mostly, it had a really different art style, and some really cool images. I may go back and watch it again, but probably not.
Eight out of ten for art.
Five out of ten for everything else.

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posted by javihyev
8:56 PM


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