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party 7.


Finally a movie worth talking about. Party 7 is a movie about the relationships between 7 people who end up in a hotel room, as a result of some very unrelated occurences. Miki steals 200 million yen from a mob boss, and visits a unknown hotel to hide. He then is visited by Kana, who wants money from him that we later find out is so that she can buy actors to play her parents at her upcoming wedding with Todohira, who shows up in pursuit of Kana and turns out to be a poor fraud. Miki's childhood friend and "brother" then shows up to get the money back for the mob boss, where he confronts the fact that the boss has no faith in him at all. During this time, they are being watched through a fake window by Captain Banana and Okita, veteran and novice peepers. Captain Banana reveals Okita's fathers peeping secret, and tries to get Okita to realize his destiny as Captian The Yellow Jr. The four, after resolving differences and lies, decide that they will keep the money and run. They are then confronted by Wakagashira, the crazy nostalgic hitman, and they combine forces to beat him. One of his bullets ricochets off of the breifcase with the money, shattering the fake window, revealing Captain Banana and Captain Polar, a man in a polar bear suit, trying to get the Captain The Yellow suit onto the reluctant Okita. Okita confesses his love for Kana, Miki wants to know who Captian banana is, Kana has gotten Wakagashira's gun and shot Captain Polar, Sanada is genuinely confused, the briefcase has spilled open revealing not money but magazines, causing Todohira to go into a panic, while wakagashira is knocked out on the floor after Kana smashed a cheap plated camera into his face. Ill stop there before I completely ruin it.
This was an interesting movie with great dialog exchange, similar to that of Fist Planet Trava, an anime series by the same director. This movie moves well and has great action shots, even in places you would not expect them to be. One of the things I loved the most was for the opening credits, there was an extremely well done animated introduction for each of the characters. The animation was extremely fluid and was sort of a combination of the styles of Aeon Flux and Trava Fist Planet. A really good movie.
8.5 out of 10.

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