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No Somos Nadie.


No Somos Nadie is a Spanish film that gives us a view of religion fueled by the mass media and the public's want for entertainment. Salva is a street urchin in a pseudo post-modern city. He keeps trying to find a gimmick to make money, and decides that with all the commotion over the second coming of the savior, he will walk the streets carrying a huge cross dressed as Jesus. He accidentally knocks a priest down a flight of stairs to his death with the cross, landing him in jail. The world is fueled by TV ratings, and one of the most popular shows is Heavy Hand, a show that lets its viewers decide if the convicts presented on the show live or die. When Salva is put on the show, he plays a very humble innocent man who is truly sorry for the accident, and is eventually spared, giving the show massive ratings, prompting the station to hire him to be a co-host, providing the audience with reasons to spare the contestants. He gets out of control and rants about the government and tries to tell the people to rise up, but their mob consciousness keeps them from realizing. He runs away from this celebrity life only to be brought back to the show, where he faces his fate, at the hands of crowd.
This movie mixes contemporary themes and biblical stories to make a very odd environment, filled with symbolism both subtle and terribly obvious. There are a lot of interesting elements, such as Salva preaching to people in a sort of WWE wrestling venue, shouting to the crowd and feeding off of their responses. There are some parts that are not too well done, but it is overall an intersting and well done movie.
6 out of 10.

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