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strikers 1945.


the sped up cracked out 1942 clone/homage/ripoff/whathave you strikers 1945 presents a very basic and simple executed premise. you are a plane, you have to shoot. there are almost no gimmicks or scoring strategies, short of just not getting shot, or possibly the charge shot which varies in usefulness from ship to ship, my personal favorite being the first ship with its "ill stay here and shoot this whole side of the screen so you can worry about less, though in later levels the charge time, however minixcule, still leaves you open for smashing. another notable difference or aspect of this game is almost a darius throwback, the final couple of bosses straying from the robotic mech warship design of the early levels and replacing them with giant pallete retarded crabs who shoot too fast. an obvious psikyo game, with the same powerups as nearly ten other games on the hardware GUNBIRD YOU KNOW I SAW THAT. just kidding gunbird. a fun fifteen minutes. i think it took eleven credits my first whole run ever. pretty lame right.
i need to learn how to be better at these games.
but no matter.
uh yeah.
check it out.

posted by javihyev
8:17 AM


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