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There are a lot of Zatoichi movies. Zatoichi is the master swordsman who wanders around, killing everyone with little to no hassle. Thats what the old movies were like, and I did not enjoy them.
This movie is different. Sort of.
Zatoichi is blind. hes a decrepit old man, who gambles often and lives in a farmhouse with a kind family. when required to however, he unleashes incredible skill, enhanced by his honed senses due to his lack of eyesight. This never fails to catch his opponents off guard. while he has no real purpose, he finally decides to help a brother and sister avenge the murders of their parents.
This movie is extremely well done. From the artistic arcs of spurting blood, to the odd camera shots during fights that enhance the action, to the bizarre cast of characters, including the fat neighbor kid who only wants to be a samurai. The cast is made up of some fairly well known actors, as I recognized several of them from other various Asian movies. One of the things I liked most about this movie is the lack of useless dialog. it was very to the point and straightforward. The fights weren't drawn out, and are completed without hesitation. All this added together makes a really great, action packed, well done samurai movie.
nine out of ten.

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