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soldner x, thoughts.


i wasnt really expecting much and it really didn't deliver much. after reading the hype for this game for several months prior to its release, i had pretty much a perfect idea of what it was going to be, or rather, what it was going to try to be.
what it ended up as seems to be an overly detailed, systematically flawed game with a very ugly ship. i would not want to save the world in this ship, but thankfully i dont have to.
the enemies are the usual menagerie of monsters and other ships, lacking a considerable amount of originality. which is what this game continues to lack for pretty much the entire game.
the weapons system and chain system really bother me, as the game forces me to switch weapons in time to even count the chain ive built up. that seems to be the only solid way of obtaining powerups though, so i have to rely on it.
the weapons are nothing new, the levels are within the norm, the enemies leave something to be desired, the voice acting is tedious at best, and the game is overall to detailed for its own good. its a solid, boring game.
only slightly less disappointing than last hope.

in other news, i have some quite keen little japanese shmups to possibly talk about soon.

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